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Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario at the airport

Fernando Alonso and his wife, Raquel del Rosario repeatedly denied Spanish media rumours that they are divorcing each other. Raquel first denied the report on her Internet blog then she was caught by journalists at an airport and she again said it was a lie. When asked if she and Fernando spent the Christmas together, she said: „Of course.”

Fernando talked through his lawyer and made the TV channel who spread the rumour take off the video of the report from their website.


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Corinna Schumacher

Corinna Schumacher

As you probably know by now, Michael Schumacher will return next year to Formula One as Mercedes GP’s driver. Schumi, 41,  will be by far the oldest driver on the track and he returns after three years of F1-abstinence.

His wife, Corninna has always been very supportive of Michael and it isn’t any different now either:

“It’s true that Michael’s decision to compete in Formula One races again is very unexpectedly turning our family life upside down. When he told me that Ross had called, however, I immediately felt that he was on fire again. As a matter of fact, Michael’s passion for racing is enormous and without this deep passion all that would not have been possible. This passion made Michael who he is today.

I got to know him as a racing driver and, even then, I always had every confidence in him. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows as well that I’m always supporting him. Michael simply needs challenges – that’s just the way he is. I can really understand his decision and, to be honest, I actually think it’s great!”

– she is quoted saying by Michael’s official website.

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Spanish media have reported before Christmas that Fernando Alonso and his wife have separated and are heading towards a divorce.

However Alonso’s manager has since called the rumours “nonsense”.

This is not the first time that something like this is reported about the Alonsos. So far the rumours never proved to be true.

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