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This blog will not deal with the hundreths of seconds on the track, but with the other side of Formula One drivers: their private life. Maybe most people will say they don’t care of that, but actually many of them do. I think when we choose a favourite sporstman to cheer for there’s always a reason, other than his on-track records, called sympathy why we choose him. And often his private part is involved in that sympathy we feel for him.

For example, many celebrated Kimi Räikkönen for his attitude of wearing a gorilla suit in a speed boat race two years ago. Many found it funny and said that’s the kind of James Hunt-like attitude that today’s F1 is missing. But that has happened in Kimi’s private life, aren’t we supposed to only care of his racing (the same for Hunt)? Apparently not. And even many of those who say they only care for the racing, actually don’t. They define a driver as a colorful or a boring character based on what he does outside of the car.

So this blog will highlight that other, human, private side of F1 drivers through news, pictures and opinions. I will try to do it not in a distasteful way. And I don’t think there’s anything unethical about dealing with drivers’ private life. Yes, there are those, especially in this current generation, who try not to tell anything about that (a good example of that is Fernando Alonso, who for a long time, wouldn’t even answer the question if the rumours are true that he got married – amazingly though last year Fernando started to tell about his private life in an official FIA press conference, calling Raquel del Rosario his wife, without being questioned about that), on the other hand there are drivers who have no problem with telling about their private life, their wife, their children, whatever.

A man’s private life is very much telling of his personality. When we study the lives of historic personalites we often examine their private lives also, because that’s part of the full picture. So let’s go!


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